2014 Guangzhou China Civil Machinery Expo perfect knot


The morning of June 28th, the Sinopec group Wuhan 800 thousand tons / year ethylene project site flags fluttering, flying banners, crane Jubi into the blue sky, Wuhan ethylene and supporting project of large equipment song by the tenth construction company of Sinopec group general contracting management integration of the crane hoisting ceremony was held at the construction site. XCMG XGC28000 crawler crane is used as the main hoisting type in the first hoisting ceremony, and it is fully applied to the hoisting of large equipment in this project.

The hoisting equipment for the first lifting ceremony is the first pure distillation tower C-101, 78.168 meters high and 3.8 meters in diameter. 9:17 in the preparatory work to implement, fully equipped with lifting condition under the condition, with the lifting of the commander gave the order, the first hanging ceremony officially began. Ceremony site roar, the construction work methodically. Closely with the XGC28000 crawler crane 300 tons crane tail, the first extraction distillation equipment hoisting in tapping smoothly on the basis of the ceremony is safe, smooth and successful conclusion.

Sinopec Wuhan 800 thousand tons / year ethylene and supporting project is approved by the national development and Reform Commission, in the central region of China's first large-scale project, is the national adjustment of the industrial layout of the landmark project. The completion of the project to improve the layout of China's ethylene industry, enhance the petrochemical industry from the east to the central and western extension of an important step; to improve the layout of China's ethylene industry, petrochemical products to the central region of the market demand, enhance the safety of petrochemical industry, will have important strategic significance.

Sinopec group tenth construction company as the petrochemical construction industry "iron, the hoisting and transportation capacity and performance ranked the highest in the country, but also considerable international influence. The sole Wuhan ethylene large equipment hoisting and transportation engineering, the total lifting weight is expected to reach more than 33000 tons, the total transportation volume is expected to reach more than 20000 tons, once again refresh the domestic hoisting and transportation general contracting engineering quantity to the historical record, marking the tenth construction company of the Sinopec group lifting contractor management ability and the ability to continue living in the domestic construction organization leading position.

XCMG has led the development of construction machinery industry in the past 22 years and is now ranked seventh in the world construction machinery industry. As a self-developed crawler crane, XGC28000 is the most advanced hoisting equipment in China, with a maximum lifting torque of 28000 tons per hour. The models successfully enabled to break the current market of large tonnage crawler crane completely monopolized by foreign enterprises situation, the realization of China's new breakthrough in the large tonnage crawler crane manufacture, marking China's large hoisting equipment R & D capability has really reached the international advanced level, will accelerate the development of China's construction the enterprise, to enhance the ability of construction enterprises in China to a new height.

The first hanging ceremony and made it the largest tonnage crane opening ceremony success, thanks to the tenth construction company of the Sinopec group excellent lifting construction organization ability and superb construction technology, also benefited from the XCMG XGC28000 crane with reliable quality and good performance.

Sinopec group tenth construction company and XCMG construction machinery company said, to take the first hanging ceremony of Dongfeng, set off large equipment hoisting transportation construction climax.