Advantages of high power LED street lamps


Compared with the traditional street lighting, high power LED street lighting has the energy saving ratio of 50%, coupled with the continuous progress of technology, it can even be 70%-80%. Now manufacturers in the high-power LED street lamps on the basis of intelligent control, in this lighting field which can also reduce the energy consumption of 50%, will gradually expand the energy efficiency ratio of LED, to bring more benefits to customers. So the intelligent control and the application field of lighting high-power LED lights on, and there is great improvement in the lighting, high power field, it can launch large-scale multi lamp intelligent control module and intelligent street lamp, high-power LED lamps can be realized to the refinement to the intelligent single lamp control this, it provides great convenience for maintenance.

High power LED street lamp lighting demand will benefit from the pressure of energy saving and emission reduction of governments, and high power LED street lamps will also have a relatively large growth. However, the emerging market potential of LED street lamps is huge, but it requires pragmatic and steady development, integrating the technical advantages of high-power lighting for global promotion.