Led courtyard lamp will replace the original energy saving lamp


Led garden lamp is lighting with a view, a decorative role currently used in most of the city lighting lighting, with the current domestic LED chip technology and application, led garden lamp used more and more in the parks, residential, villas, private clubs and other fields, and the LED light source is stable, without preheating, long life and other advantages, will be in the future to replace the former city lighting energy-saving lamp landscape lamps and other products. The use of LED as a light source courtyard LED lamp, with ornamental and lighting, and more energy-saving than the traditional light source, longer service life, more easy to maintain and so on. Compared with other conventional lamps, led garden lamp product appearance is concise, fashion, can reflect the characteristics of the concept of lighting design; through the use of LED light source for lighting control products, intelligent digital controller to realize the effect of color, with a strong environmental appeal.

Led courtyard lamp configuration is to use different occasions according to the design of different shapes and styles of lamps, led courtyard lamp shade generally use acrylic parts, less glass parts. Because of acrylic parts easy maintenance, replacement and other characteristics. The product is treated by spraying zinc and polished by stainless steel.